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Give Your Kids A Sporting Chance – Lessons On and Off the Field

Hi I’m Coach Matthew. My family and I run a sports coaching business JMG SportsWise with over 60 years combined experience working with kids of all ages & their families.

Parents want their kids to play sports for the skills, but also to help them be happy, well-rounded people. We develop our programs based on children’s developmental stages. We look at what and how they learn, at what ages and work with the parents to nurture these budding skills.

In the past 7 Years we’ve noticed a growing trend with all age groups. Kids want to quit when facing a challenge vs working through it. And the parents are at a loss.

So we talked to hundreds of you…And this is what you’ve said:

  • My child is not engaged and cries in class.
  • I don’t want my kid to hold back the class
  • It’s embarrassing when my kid cries and everyone else’s are following direction.
  • My child won’t leave my side.
  • My child doesn’t do this at home

The story of twins Grant and Grace is a perfect example. They came to us age 3. They ran away, played some soccer, cried and spent a lot of time on their parents’ laps. To the naked eye it looked like they weren’t engaging in class.

We informed the parents this was perfectly normal for that age group. It was their first time learning in a class with new coaches and kids where parents were present, unlike school. Each child transitions and learns at his or her ow

n pace. We reassured them they would hit the Tipping Point. We asked them to be patient and work with us through their kids’ struggles even though it would be challenging at times. Parental participation is key to this process.

We then asked the twins what they liked about soccer, what was difficult and showed them making mistakes were ok. We even played “make the most mistakes wins the game”.

We created the boundary that they could only Play or Watch, no jungle gym or playing with toys and no talking to parents. No matter how much the kids

resisted, the parents reinforced these rules!

“Coach Tony and Matthew provided a perfect environment for Grant and Grace to explore, understand and eventually embrace soccer; each at their own pace and passion. Grace enjoys recreational play and Grant found a true calling in soccer and now plays on a competitive travel team. And even with his current expert coaching he still learns (and loves) his 1-1 time with his very first coaches!”    ~ Grant & Grace’s Dad


Stick to it, trust the coaches, follow the process and Give Your Kids a Sporting Chance to learn:

To take Risks
Perseverance through struggle is important.
Finishing what they started is rewarding
Independence and Self-confidence through effort and achievement
We hope you will allow JMG SportsWise to join you on this wonderful & chaotic journey of discovery!

By JMG SportsWise – Matthew, Jennifer & Gayook Wong MSW


Our latest Game Update…
Unfortunately the first time we met TIOH on their home turf a week ago we didn’t have enough to field a team and were forced to forfeit. But we still had a fun time scrimmaging by splitting up the teams and playing. But today we were at full force and had a chance to win some points back. 

It was a perfect fall day and TIOH came to visit us this time! The first half the Huskies came on strong with John Zhang placing 3 in the back of the net for a well earned hat trick! TIOH of course answered back a few times of their own! But Gerald added one more to the board making the Halftime score, SJS 4 – TIOH 3.

After switching sides we got ready to do it all over again. SJS and TIOH took turns with John, Joshua and TIOH’s Simon scoring goals. It was a nail-biting finish! With 1 minute left TIOH scored right before the final whistle to tie up the game. Final Score 6-6. Congrats to the Huskies for tying last year’s first place team! Amazing teamwork from everyone playing today! Great goal tending by Roan backed up by a tenacious defense (Aneel, Kaitlyn and Audrey). Our midfield (Patrick, Joshua, Tripp, Colin) played both defense and offense feeding the ball to our key strikers (John, Gerald)  

Go Huskies! 

St. James Kicks Off The New Season!

It was a sunny afternoon as the Huskies stepped onto the pitch for their second season of the Hollywood Wilshire League. St James claimed 2nd place last year and the fans were eagerly anticipating the new season! Well they were not disappointed! The Huskies started with several quick shots on goal. A handball led to a direct kick that gave SJS the advantage. John Z’s shot sailed over the Brawerman wall into the back of the net! It was followed up by a blistering shot by Ethan R only to be deflected by the goalie but John Z was positioned perfectly to follow it up with the goal! Brawerman was not be cowed, answering with a goal of their own by Gavin #7.

By halftime the Huskies were on fire with Ethan scoring 2 more times, Gerald 2 times and John with a hat trick! Brawerman rallied with 2 more goals (Gavin and Eric) leaving the Final Score, SJS 7 to Brawerman 3. Kudos to Audrey, Aneel and Patrick, our staunch defense. And congrats to our new goalie Roan for some amazing goal tending! Coach Luis was very happy with the team’s performance! But reminds everyone to wear uniforms and shin guards to the next match this Thursday at Temple Israel of Hollywood!


Spring has sprung! And with April Showers and May Flowers also comes the first Hollywood Wilshire League Spring Season of Volleyball!

It took some doing but Saint James put together an amazing volleyball team! With some stops and starts with their first practice being rained out, the players had just one practice under their belts before meeting their arch rivals, CEE (Center for Early Education). And then on the day of the match Conor couldn’t make it and Santiago and Emerson called in sick!

But the show must go on! And SJS gallantly marched on the court with only 5 players (Ryan, Haley, Elia, Lauren and Le Shaun) to challenge CEE’s 6! With some solid serving and hard fought points, SJS beat CEE 25-22! The second game was neck and neck to the final play with CEE pulling ahead to win by 2 points 27-25. The third game was the tie-breaker up to only 15 points. And although they fought hard throughout the match, SJS lost 9-15.

Coach Matthew and Jenn couldn’t be prouder of their team’s performance!! They are looking forward to a rematch with CEE later on in May with a well practiced team at full strength!!

SJS v TIOH (First Game of the Season!!)

Saint James Soccer Team returned to the field after their summer break ready to play! Everyone couldn’t wait to start. They were excited to meet Temple Israel of Hollywood (TIOH) a more or less unknown entity.

SJS started with a strong front line Chase, Shine and John. Ryan, Audrey and Patrick backed up their strikers with Aneel as sweeper, protecting Stephen, their goalie. The first half saw 2 goals scored by TIOH but between Brock and Chase, STJ replied by scoring 2 goals of their own.

It was a good give and go as more of the SJS team were subbed in allowing Zoe, Roan, Thomas, Kiana and Catilin a chance to defend their goal. Although TIOH were on their passing game and were able to slip through defenses 2 more times before halftime.

The second half saw more heated action with Brock and Chase switching in and out, backed by Zoe, Mimi, Roan, Rogan, Jamieson & Ondine. Ryan took up her post as goalie taking several direct hits denying TIOH conversion. Brock had several heart stopping shots on goal and was able to bring STJ just shy of one goal. That is until Chase leveled it up right at the end of the game! A special thanks to Jenny Hagar (Patrick Hindman’s Mom) who went above and beyond helping the team out and making sure everyone got to play!

Final Score: 4 -4

Hollywood-Wilshire Co-Ed League

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Get Ready this Summer! Try Outs Start in the Fall!

We are excited to announce the inception of a new sports league for the participating schools in the Hollywood/Wilshire area. This league will be for our 4th -6th Graders in the sports Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball. Read more

STJ v Pilgrim (4-6 Graders) Soccer Game 5/20/15

1st half

Sam Ashbrook stunned the Pilgrim team in the first 2 minutes of the match with a surgical goal assisted from a sublime pass from Jackie Zhang! Jackie Zhang went on to rack up 2 more goals carving through the Pilgrim defense. Pilgrim answered the challenge with 1 goal of their own. 3-1 at halftime.

2nd half

The first minute of the second half Pilgrim gave the Huskies another scare, scoring a beautiful goal from outside the box making it a close nail biting 3-2 match.

But St James was ready as Jackie Zhang scored 2 more goals for a hat trick. In the final minutes Pilgrim scored but was quickly answered by one time laser strike by Coleman Park assisted from newcomer Conor Murphy as he threaded a pass from his own defensive end.

The team would not have survived the continual pressure applied by Pilgrim if it were not for the display of AMAZING teamwork by the Huskies. Our solid defense of Willa Mockler, Fiona Loughran, Patrick Hindman anchored by Coleman Park created THE GREAT WALL that Pilgrim could not scale. A special note: The girls showed great courage, never turning away from any of the the Pilgrim boys’ challenge stripping the ball away from the oncoming strikers.

Our mid-fielders Shine Park, Jamieson Park, and newcomer Alex Morrison had the task of both offense and defense creating that transition game from defense to offense. Soccer matches are won and lost in the midfield and the Huskies howled their way to victory!!!

Final score 6-3